About Stormlook.com

The theory behind stormlook is simple. I live is Southern Louisiana and was tired of going to 10 different websites and listening to 5 different media broadcasts to figure out if I needed to evacuate.

So I built this site for my own use. Slowly my family and friends started using it and it sorta caught on. We're not a weather site and I don't plan to make it one. I just wanted a super clean way to see the data and not wait for some idiot talking head to show me they have to hold on to a palm tree or they will be blown away.

I normally only track storms headed to Southern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast... But Irene was so big I figured this Katrina veteran could help out a few Yankees.

The site should be pretty mobile friendly and should load pretty fast. If you have comments, suggestions or there is something you'd like me to add, email me (info at stormlook.com) And I will see if I can help you out.

And if you like this site, send me some links, tell your friends and buy something at Amazon.

Be safe up there guys, these big storms are nothing to mess with.

If you are on the fence about evacuating, lemme just say to you there are a few thousand people in New Orlenas who wished they had left for Katrina but didn't. Many of them are now dead.

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